Greatest Need



Imagine for a moment that you are a young soldier, recently come to Alaska. You don’t know anyone. Your family is thousands of miles away. The days are short, and you are having a hard time adjusting to so little daylight. The commissary, the hospital, the bank, and many of the recreational opportunities you are interested in are miles away. It’s 10 degrees outside… and you don’t have a car. Taxi fare is expensive, and the installations in Alaska do not offer a viable alternative.

Without transportation, Alaska’s harsh weather can lead young service members and dependents to feel trapped in their homes, barracks, or dorms—it can be nearly impossible to take care of errands or seek out recreational and social opportunities.  That’s where the Y on Wheels Shuttle Service comes in. Y on Wheels offers service members, dependents, and veterans some much-needed freedom by providing door to door transportation service, anywhere on the installation, for $1 a ride.

Y on Wheels is a popular and much-needed program. Its value to the military community of Alaska can’t be measured—but the amount it costs to provide this service can. The existence of Y on Wheels relies on grants and the generosity of donors and sponsors. A $3,000 grant can buy 892 gallons of gas; at an average expense to the ASYMCA of $5 per ride, it can provide 750 people with $1 rides; or, it can ensure regular maintenance of our shuttles for approximately 10 months.

After I first moved to JBER it was the only way I could afford to go to the grocery store, post office, or even housing. In the middle of winter, walking isn’t an option with babies, and a taxi ride ran me $25 each way to the Commissary. Having a service available just for military families is so needed.

Please donate $10 today to support this program.

Funds are needed by 07/01/2013 for this program.