Atwood Music Room


Another. Heading. Here.

At the Armed Service YMCA of Alaska, we make military life easier by providing creative outlets for our service members that help them unwind, decompress, and stay in touch with the hobbies that make them unique—this is especially true for those single service members who make their homes in the barracks and dorms.

The Atwood Music Room, located in our main office and welcome center, provides a sound-insulated practice room for our musically-minded service members. It has a keyboard, drums, and guitar that service members and dependents can come use, or can bring in their own instruments to play. Many of the junior enlisted personnel live in dorms or barracks where they are not able to practice their instruments. This makes our music room an important component of the ASYMCA’s mission to make military life easier.

One particular airman expressed his thankfulness by telling us that, until he was made aware that there was a music room available, he was unable to play his trumpet. AIC Jones said that he was very homesick—and his trumpet helped him cope with this by providing an enjoyable creative outlet. He was very thankful for a place that he could come and play his trumpet. AIC was particularly fond of the music room because he did not enjoy the outdoor activities that Alaska has to offer, and was too young to enjoy the nightlife. Although the music room did not cure all of his woes, it certainly helped him enjoy his time here more, and gave him a way to cope with the stresses of his military life.

The ASYMCA understands that cultivating personal growth is an integral part of making military life easier. We feel that the Atwood Music Room is one way in which we can accomplish this. We also understand that Alaska is a very remote area, and can this remoteness can lead to loneliness, separation from family and friends, depression, and sometimes idleness. We feel that the Atwood Music Room aids in combating these issues as well as many others and therefore we are happy to be able to offer it to our military members and their dependents.

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