Operation Kid Comfort


At the Armed Services YMCA of Alaska, we promote the bonds of military families and offer the children of deployed parents the comfort of cherished memories that help them to cope with their parent’s absence.

When parents request a Kid Comfort quilt from the ASYMCA of Alaska, they receive a precious keepsake that serves to remind their children that they are loved and cherished—no matter how far the distance between themselves and their deployed parent.

Shawna is a military spouse with a three-year-old daughter named Samantha. Samantha’s dad was deployed to Afghanistan for a year—a very long time when you are only three. Shawna knew how important it was to preserve Sam’s memories of her father, and requested a Kid Comfort Quilt from the Armed Services YMCA of Alaska. Sam loved her quilt so much that she not only carried it around the house and slept with it every night; she took it with her to daycare every single day. Sam refused to leave it home. On the first day, when Shawna came to pick her up at daycare, the child care provider told her that her little girl had all the providers in tears as she proudly walked around with her quilt and showed off all the photos of her and her daddy. In the warm embrace of a quilt filled with memories, Samantha was able to hold on tightly to the bond she shared with her father—and upon his return from deployment, there was no hesitation when Sam saw her daddy, she ran right into his arms as though he had been gone only a day.

The ASYMCA recognizes the struggles faced by children coping with the reality of a deployed parent. Building family bonds can be challenging when a parent is called to duty, and the ASYMCA of Alaska is there to help make it easier for military children to maintain their connection with their parents. In 2012, Operation Kid Comfort provided over 100 quilts, made with love and well wishes by dedicated volunteers, to children of deployed parents. These keepsakes served as a touchstone, keeping precious memories fresh in the minds and hearts of our military children.

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