Teddy’s Child Watch


At the Armed Serves YMCA of Alaska we strengthen families by providing the resources they need to combat the trials of military life. We believe that healthy families begin with healthy parents and are determined to help parents focus on their well-being so that they can provide a strong center for their family.

Take the story of Melinda. After her husband was deployed, Melinda greatly feared for her his safety, causing severe depression and insomnia. She was terrified of bringing her five-year-old to her doctor’s appointments, where he would hear about her fear that his dad might not come home. With the help of Teddy’s Child Watch, Melinda was able to provide a safe and caring environment for her son while she sought the help she needed—allowing her son to stay a child and unaware of his mother’s fears, and the realities of his father’s deployment.

The ASYMCA of Alaska staff recognizes the struggles faced by our service members, and by the families they leave behind while serving in theaters of war. The Teddy’s Child Watch program serves as a safe haven for nearly 3,000 children per year, allowing their parents to focus on their mental and physical health while attending appointments at the hospital.

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The Armed Services Y provides free or low-cost youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility programs for junior enlisted military & their families to make military life easier.

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