eKnowledge Donates $250 SAT and ACT Test Prep Programs to Military Families Worldwide


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eKnowledge is offering $250 SAT and ACT test programs for just the cost of providing the programs (under $20) the fee covers everything, including materials, shipping, student support, and streaming.  You may request your programs online at www.eknowledge.com/ASYMCA

Over the past nine years, the eKnowledge Military Donation Project has donated over 200,000 SAT and ACT PowerPrep Programs with a value of $44 million at no profit.  This gift represents one of the largest private donations to Military families in US history.  This valuable donation from eKnowledge is supported by professional athletes from the NFL and MLB and endorsed by over 100 national partners including corporations, non-profit organizations, groups and foundations.

Who is eligible to receive the donated software?
Eligible recipients include Service Members from all branches of the military who are active duty, retired, Veterans, Guard, Reserve, DoD employees, Contractors and civilians performing military support.  Also eligible are relatives and dependents of anyone who otherwise qualifies from the prior list.

About the SAT and ACT PowerPrep™ Programs
The SAT or ACT PowerPrep™ is avalable online (Cloud version), DVD and books.  It includes more than 11 hours of video instruction and 3000+ files of supplemental test prep material, thousands of interactive diagnostic tools, sample questions, practice tests and graphic teaching illustrations.  Students select the training they need and can study at their own pace.

How to order
The eKnowledge Sponsorship covers the complete $250 purchase price for the SAT and ACT Test Preparation Program.  The student pays for just the cost of delivering the program:  DVD student fee of $17.55 for the cost of materials, support and shipping, Online Cloud student fee of $19.00 for student support and streaming.  Each SAT or ACT PowerPrep™ has a one-year license from the day the product is ordered.

Through the eKnowledge partnership, families may request the donated educational programs by visiting www.eKnowledge.com/ASYMCA or by telephone at 951-256-4076.