Marines React to Helicopter Tragedy

San Diego | NBC 7/39 | February 23, 2012

When Marines lose one of their own, they really come together. From servicemen to one business owner in San Diego, several people said they are devastated by the death of seven troops in a helicopter crash in Yuma, Ariz.

“You hear a Marine getting hurt it’s something that’s repeated hurt anger, sorrow you know the phases of losing somebody,” said owner of Chesty’s military shop Oscar Segura. “You know you always go through that.”

Segura says once a Marine always a Marine and with another tragedy hitting their community, hearts are heavy at his shop.

One Marine said it’s one thing to lose people in battle, but it’s another thing to lose them here on the home front during training.

The San Diego Armed Services YMCA is providing everything from financial support, to grief counseling.

The YMCA says the number of families they see for counseling will likely increase because of this tragedy.

“Helicopter crashes are not what normally people experience,” said Paul Steffens with the San Diego Armed Services YMCA. “I don’t think you can get used to it in your mind you say yeah there’s always that possibility but when it happens it just doesn’t go away.”