Please Donate to the ASYMCA During CFC Season! CFC# 11085


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CFC Season 2013 runs September 1st through December 15th, 2013

Donate online here:

                                (ASYMCA CFC# 11085)


2013 CFC Catalog (ASYMCA on page 52) 

Why Give To The CFC?
Because CFC . . .

  •  Supports a wide range of services that nearly everyone has used or potentially may use during his or her lifetime.
  • Enables federal employees to allocate financial resources based on local community needs.
  • Responds to local, national, and international needs, as well as pioneers new programs to meet changing and challenging needs.
  • Provides an opportunity for employees to designate their contributions to the agencies of their choice.
  • With payroll deduction, it is an easy and efficient way for employees to contribute to their community.
  • Is an inclusive package of health, human, social, and environmental programs.
  •  Fosters cooperation and coordination with government, non-profit agencies, contributors, and recipients of the services.
  • Preserves volunteerism through citizen involvement.
  •  Unites the diverse elements of our community.
  •  Eliminates multiple fund-raising appeals and, by doing so, it reduces costs, providing more money for services.
  •  Saves time for both the contributor and the volunteer.