VIDEO: Quilts Comforting Military Children

Fox News | September 6, 2010

WASHINGTON – Three-year-old Hannah really misses her daddy. He has been in Iraq for almost a year.

“She’s a real trooper,” said her mother Shellie Jensen. “She knows her daddy is doing something real important. But it’s been a challenge.”

Hannah talks to her dad – on pretend and real phones – but her mom was looking for something else to fill the void. When she heard that volunteers with Operation Kid Comfort make quilts for military children with their parent’s photos on it, that sounded perfect to her.

“I thought a blanket would be a way … of Daddy hugging you. And knowing she’s been with him before and he’ll be back again, I think is what comforts her,” said Jensen.

Cathy Jung knows how comforting these quilts can be. She got one for her son Nathan when his dad was in Afghanistan.

“When [Nathan] needed that extra piece of security, he had something to hold on to while daddy was away,” Jung said.

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