Junior Enlisted Family Center

Junior Enlisted Family Center – The Thrift Store sees countless customers on a daily basis, both new and regular. Recently a young Soldier who just lost his wife and was staying at the ASYMCA Hotel, another soldier who had come by to pick up the soldier who lost his wife, had never heard of the Junior Enlisted Family Center and was introduced to our coordinator. Turned out the soldier was in need and had already gone to see the chaplain for assistance. Later that day the soldier came by the Junior Enlisted Family Center and was able to get food and diapers for the family.

Junior Enlisted Family Center – A family who were victims of a house fire while living in military housing had lost everything. With nowhere to go, no clothing or the bare necessities the family was taken to the Armed Services YMCA for help. The ASYMCA provided temporary lodging, clothing for the family and when once given another place to live the ASYMCA provided household goods, some furniture and food to get the family back on its feet.

Junior Enlisted Family Center – A young soldier came by for food assistance. He noticed some pastries and what looked like a birthday cake. He asked our coordinator about the cake, our coordinator told him the cake was available for anyone who wanted it. He shared that it was his son’s birthday, but he did not have money to celebrate his birthday. The coordinator gave him the cake and brand new toys that had been donated to the ASY. The soldier’s eyes filled with tears as he stated “wow, now my son can celebrate his birthday today, thank you so much”.

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The Armed Services Y provides free or low-cost youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility programs for junior enlisted military & their families to make military life easier.

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