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ASYMCA 29 Palms Receives Gracious Gift From Troop 78

Posted by Sara Beams on Mar 19, 2021 12:52:36 PM

Boy Scout Sidewalk project 4

James Garrison (Troop 78) stands proud with his finished Eagle Scout Project.

In September 2020, the Armed Services YMCA 29 Palms branch was approached by Troop 78 to inquire about gifting and installing a concrete sidewalk that would connect our Empty Nest Thrift Store and our Pelican Shop Food Pantry. This was an Eagle Scout service opportunity that we could not pass up! Pushing carts from the Thrift Store to receive donations, or baby strollers to the Food Pantry through the sand was always difficult. This new sidewalk largely benefits the daily operations of our Thrift Store and maintains a clean and direct pathway for our members and guests utilizing our programs and services.

James Garrison (Troop 78) along with the assistance and supervision of his father, Tim Garrison, began the construction project at the end of December 2020. James comes from a family of volunteers. His Dad (USMC RET), Mom (Active Duty), and his younger sister have all volunteered at the ASYMCA for big events. Before the construction could take place, a few items needed to be in order. This included obtaining permits, permissions, authorizations necessary to begin the project, and working alongside PWD for some of these items. Another important requirement was the funding, which James needed before beginning the project.

After all requirements were in order, the construction process began. James enlisted the assistance of PWD for pouring the concrete and ensuring the pathway was smooth to the finish. The Scout emblem was embedded into the start of the sidewalk along with a plaque recognizing James Garrison (Troop 78) and his Eagle Scout Project.

Service to others is an important part of the Scout Oath “…to help other people at all times” and we are more than excited to be the beneficiary of such a wonderful project! The Eagle Scout Service Project is an accomplishment a Scout will always remember, but truly our hearts are forever grateful for such a contribution!

Boy Scout Sidewalk project 3

Before the project began.

Boy Scout Sidewalk project 6

Laying the concrete and creating a smooth finish.

Boy Scout Sidewalk project 2The reveal!

Boy Scout Sidewalk Project

Scout Emblem with plaque recognizing James.

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