Ft. Bragg Baby Bundles Program Saves the Day

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Ft. Bragg Baby Bundles Program Saves the Day

Everyday costs of raising a family are increasing, not to mention saving for college, and unexpected expenses like medical bills and emergencies. The Ft. Bragg ASYMCA Baby Bundles program provides a little extra assistance for junior enlisted service members and their new additions in the Ft. Bragg military community. Families in need are given first priority, and are encouraged to contact the ASYMCA before their baby’s due date.

Each eligible family receives a layette that includes a blanket, socks, sleeper, onesie, baby wipes, baby book, a voucher for diapers and a nursing bra. Other items, like car seats, are also available to those with a determined need.

“Baby Bundles targets families who are really in need,” said Andrea Tebbe, Ft. Bragg ASYMCA Program Director. “We understand that getting started with all the things new parents need is expensive and sometimes tedious. We’re happy to be able to provide this support and welcome new members to our military family.”

Spc. Montgomery James and his wife, Alexandria, experienced the support the Baby Bundles program provides first hand. On the morning the James Family was ready to bring their new addition, daughter Aria Nicole, home for the first time they discovered their car seat wasn’t the right fit. Looking for help, they reached out to the Ft. Bragg ASYMCA.

“Our car seat was new in the box. They [the medical staff] told us Saturday morning that we could finally take her home, so I packed our bags and took them to the car. I got the seat from the trunk, opened the box and put it into the car only to find out it sat at too much of an angle and the baby’s head would not be supported,” Spc. James shared. “After three days in the hospital, and running back and forth between there and home to take care of my other children, I did not have enough money for yet another car seat.”

Feeling stranded, Spc. James logged on to the ASYMCA Facebook page, and reached out via email for last minute help.

New addition to the Ft. Bragg military community, Baby Aria Nicole James, sleepily awaits her ride home in her new car seat.
New addition to the Ft. Bragg military community, Baby Aria Nicole James, sleepily awaits her ride home in her new car seat.

“I sent an email from the Facebook page to the ASYMCA National Headquarters. I got an email back within the hour and was told help was on the way. Not 20 minutes later, I received a call from the Ft. Bragg ASYMCA asking me to meet them at their office to help square me away. Upon arrival they gave us a brand new car seat that worked perfectly for the homecoming of our baby girl!”

The James family is one of the many who have benefited from the support of the Ft. Bragg ASYMCA Baby Bundles program. Each year, more than 1700 service members and their families receive baby bundles courtesy of the Ft. Bragg ASYMCA.

Baby Bundles relies on support from donations and volunteers. If you or your company is interested in sponsoring this program, making a donation or volunteering, please contact Andrea Tebbe, Program Director at atebbeasymca@earthlink.net or by calling 910-436-0500.