Holiday Assistance

Holiday assistance

We have 4 children and in the past the Christmas Holiday was always difficult. My husband is an E-4 and I am a stay at home mom. We were lucky if we were able to get one gift for each child. Our families do not have the money to send gifts to our children either. But this past Christmas I received a call for a very kind lady telling me that my husband’s unit had given our name to their organization so they could help us with gifts for our children for Christmas. I was overwhelmed and excited. When I walked into the room with all the gifts I was speechless. There were so many toys to choose from even bicycles and video games. We was able to get 3 gifts for each child, a book for each child, a puzzle for each child, clothes for each child and a game for the family. What a blessing. As I wiped my eyes from the tears of joy, I was handed a card that said I would be able to go to the Commissary to shop for $150 in food for my family. I almost passed out. I just kept saying for real? For real? This was amazing. I am so grateful for the Armed Services YMCA. We had a wonderful Christmas. One I will remember forever. Thank you.

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