Summer Camps

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We have been fortunate to be able to provide summer camps to our Fort Campbell children for the past 6 years. Following is one of many letters we have received from a parent about their child’s camping experience.
I wanted to write you a quick note to tell you Thank you for another memorable camp. As you know this is my daughters 2nd year and this camp was her first camp away from home ever. With her being the fourth baby I really had a hard time letting her be gone for a whole week. But the location so close to post, the trained volunteers and the organization of the camp I felt comfortable enough to let go. When she got back the first time she was so excited and talked about “next year, next year” and then when she was able to go this year, she passed on a trip to Colorado with grandparents to be at this camp. Her favorite part of this year was the military day. She said she never knew what soldiers “did”. I was surprised, her daddy has been a soldier well before she was born, so I just thought she knew. Please let me know what we need to do to assure the funding is there for this camp. This is so important to the building of a child. Being a military brat nothing is ever the same from year to year and this would be nice if we could count on it and have the kids count on it to. All kids are special, however there is something today about a military kid. Again, please tell you staff and volunteers how thankful we are to have you and these type of opportunities.

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