Weekly Bible Study

Bible Study

Our special Tuesdays: We were fairly new to Ft. Campbell when my husband Tim stumbled upon this Bible study. At the time it was held in a tiny trailer off to the side of the main YMCA building. One of the Pastors from our own church was teaching, he said – Pastor Dave (PD). I met him there the next week – there were three of us and PD. It was wonderful! They served lunch and we ate and listened to a wonderful teaching. We were hooked! We loved being able to be there together, studying the Word during the week. Soon after, the study began to grow and I asked if they would like some help with lunches – a simple question that led to 6 joyous years of cooking for the now packed Tuesday ASYMCA Bible Study crowd (that crowd LOVES their brownies for sure!). The study grew to 20… 30… 35! PD never failed to deliver a wonderful Word from God, and we became a little family, a little Tuesday oasis on Ft. Campbell. We shared our lives, prayed for one another, and encouraged one another. I now work for the ASYMCA in another building and am not able to attend those precious Tuesdays except on special occasions. I learned so much there. I have the best memories; the people there are still my family! And yes, I STILL bake brownies every week!

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