Y Make the Grade

I am a working mom with 3 children. My oldest is 7 and all boy. With me working full time and his dad’s continuing deployments, supervising his homework and making sure his grades are good is a huge challenge. I feel like a single working mom sometimes. I know my husband’s job is important and I am very proud of him. But it does take a toil on a lot of military families. When I heard about the free tutoring offered by the Armed Services YMCA I couldn’t wait to get my son signed up. He was having a lot of problems with math and reading. After 4 weeks of tutoring, he is doing so much better. The tutors said they would continue to work with him until he was reading on grade level and was comfortable with his math. How awesome and it is FREE. Thanks cannot express the gratitude I feel. The Armed Services YMCA is a gift from GOD.

Be Involved with the Fort Campbell Armed Services YMCA

The Fort Campbell Armed Services YMCA provides free programs to all military families stationed at Fort Campbell.

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