Backdoor Boutique

Backdoor Boutique

The backdoor boutique is a free program, which allows E-5 and below and member of their household to shop using a military ID instead of money! We accept donations M-F from 9-4. Our volunteers sort through these donations, put them out on the shelves, and on Tuesday-Thursday from 11-3 patrons can fill their large recycle bag and take the bag plus a carryout FREE OF CHARGE! We have household items including small appliances, bedding, and home decor. We also have clothing and shoes in all sizes, plus toys and other miscellaneous. If a soldier/family member is in need of larger items (furniture, baby items, etc.) we put the name on a wish list, and as soon as we get these items in we’ll give them a call to pick it up. Average served per month around 950 families. We also have an Exception to Policy request letter for those Soldiers above the rank of E-5 who may have an immediate need. They need to contact the Backdoor Boutique to request the form. Average monthly participation in this program is 1500 patrons. We have between 6-8 volunteers who help with this program. Some of those volunteers are Soldiers from the Wounded Warrior BN who need something to do with their time and choose to give back by helping us help our Junior Enlisted Families.

Be Involved with the Fort Campbell Armed Services YMCA

The Fort Campbell Armed Services YMCA provides free programs to all military families stationed at Fort Campbell.

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