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Family Camping Weekend                                                 Pollman Family ASYMCA Essay



“This year will be the 3rd year that our two oldest sons have participated in ASYMCA Summer Camp.  The first year they spent a week in Patosi, OK as part of Operation Purple.  That experience gave them a much needed break after the stresses of yet another year with their father deployed.  They had time to take their minds off of their every day worries and made new friends.  That first year set the tone for two more subsequent years at summer camp here at Fort Leonard Wood, MO.  The boys have had a great time at Camp Lakewood; learning new skills and gaining confidence in swimming, archery, drama, and equestrianism, just to name a few.  As parents who want their children to grow up active and happy, my wife and I have found the programs offered by the ASYMCA invaluable.  Thank you so much for serving our family and other military families as we serve America.”               The Decker Family 2012



“I am so thankful for these programs. They are the only places my son has been able to regularly socialize with other children because he has been too young for preschool. When we moved here, we didn’t know anyone and through these programs we were able to meet some wonderful people who are now our friends. My son has made very close bonds with the children and I have learned a lot as a parent on how to prepare him for school and how to build on what he will learn in preschool this fall. The CARES program was absolutely wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone with young children.”  Military spouse 2013

C.A.R.E.S.–Creative Activities To Reinforce Early Skills

“I really like this program because it gives me a chance to work with my child and help her learn. I also like the interaction with the teacher and the other parents. Thank you for providing this opportunity for my family.”
Military Spouse

“We appreciate greatly what the YMCA does for our families and community. This class is another wonderful family building/strengthening class! Loved it!”
Military spouse

“I really enjoyed this class. I thrive on other people’s experiences, and you brought a lot to the table, thank you! You are wonderful!”