Community Centers

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Our community centers are unique military outreach programs. In military housing areas, we run no cost programs for stay-at-home military spouses and their pre-school children. These programs meet a critical need of military spouses: the need for connection with others. One newly married spouse moved here from the Midwest. She had a new baby and was struggling to adapt to life away from her family. She was lonely and depressed as her husband worked long hours. Her concerned mother did some research and found out about the Hampton Roads ASY Community Center programs. She called up the director and asked questions about how she could get her daughter connected with others and help her make some friends. The director reached out to the spouse and got her involved in some of the center activities. A year later, she was working for the ASY and reaching out to other spouses to encourage them the same way she had received it. These programs provide a powerful lifeline to military spouses to create a family away from home.

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The Armed Services Y provides free or low-cost youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility programs for junior enlisted military & their families to make military life easier.

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