Father Daughter Dance

On September 28, 2013, the Hickam O’club was filled with over 360 father and daughters who were dressed to impress. The Armed Services YMCA (Pearl Harbor) put on their 3rd annual Father Daughter Dance, Butterfly Kisses, where both the father and daughters enjoyed a dinner buffet, prizes, dessert, and dancing. “The purpose of the dance is to stress the importance of the father-daughter relationship. The father-daughter bond is so important because this is the young girl’s first contact or impression of men and who they are, and they almost subconsciously carry that (throughout their lives) when they get in relationships with boys in school and in their adult lives. Studies have shown that girls who have a strong relationship with their fathers are not only more self-confident but also self-reliant. They also tend to have great academic achievements, which can help with job opportunities in the future.

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