NPC Texas : Phantom Warrior Classic

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September 21, 2013 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Harker Heights High School
1001 East FM 2410 Road
Harker Heights,TX 76548
ow much is the Entry Fee?
$ 85 dollars per division entered
What is the Entry Deadline?
September 1st, 2012.  After September 1st, there is a $50.00 late fee. You may enter until September 20th.
What are the weight groups for Men’s Open & Novice Bodybuilding?
Lightweight < 165.25
Middle Weight 165.25- 187.25
Heavy Weight > 187.25

How long will each show last?
Prejudging starts at 9:00am sharp and will run until about 1:30pm
Finals start at 6:30pm sharp and should finish around 10:00pm

Is there a schedule/order of events for the pre-judging and finals?
Order of events is set by the NPC Texas State secretary.  It varies somewhat depending on how many entries we get in each division and we  don’t know those exact numbers until after the weigh-in/athletes meeting is done.  Here is a general outline of how most of the NPC Texas contests run.  Note: this is tentative and subject to change!
Prejudging is usually…open bodybuilding, age group bodybuilding, Women’s Physique, novice bodybuilding, fitness, figure, age group figure, men’s physique, bikini and age group bikini.
Finals is usually….fitness, age group bodybuilding, age group figure, age group bikini, novice bodybuilding women’s physique,  open bodybuilding, figure, men’s physique, bikini and overall pose downs  Again, this is subject to change!


Do we have to stay at the venue the whole time?
No, for prejudging once you have gone on stage for all classes entered, you are free to go. For the night show you do not have to stay after you have been on stage except if you win your class and are going to be in the pose down to determine the overall champions.  The Head Expeditor will hold your trophy, if you win your class, until after the overall awards are given out. The winner’s photo is at the end of the night show. All class winners should be present for the photos. If your class is later in the program we recommend that you stay at the venue until after you go on stage morning or night. The schedule is subject to change & you are responsible for being ready when your division is called.

How long does my posing music need to be?
Open bodybuilding & women’s physique up to 90 seconds
Novice bodybuilding up to 60 seconds
Fitness up to 2 minutes


When do I turn in my music?
You will turn in your music at the athletes Check-in at 8:00 am Saturday at theHarker Heights High School. Your music MUST be the only thing on the CD that you turn in. Purchased/ prerecorded CDs will not be accepted. Do not ask to use the 2nd song 10 seconds in, for example. You will either get house music or whatever comes up on the disc first. We recommend that you test the disc to be sure that is plays on a standard CD player & it is always a good idea to have a backup just in case. Each competitor is responsible for picking up their music on the critique table after the night show. The lyrics must not contain any racial, vulgar, or sexual connotations.

Do I have to wear my suit/trunks to the athletes meeting?
Bodybuilder: must wear their suits at the athletes meeting April 13, 2012 to be checked by the NPC officials. Trunks must solid color for prejudging- no multicolor suits allowed at prejudging. Only a wedding ring is allowed for jewelry at prejudging. Jewelry may be worn at night show- think tasteful.
Mens Physique: Must wear their board shorts at the athletes meeting April 14, 2012 to be checked by the NPC officials. Suits must be just above the knee in length and can be one inch below belly button. Only manufacturers’ logos accepted

Fitness, figure, and bikini:  Contest posing suits (two-piece) for am prejudging must be worn to the athletes meeting April 13, 2012 and be approved by the NPC Officials. The bottom of the suit should be in good taste  not too low in front and covering about 50% of the gluteus area (bring a second suit with a more modest bottom, just in case).
Bikini suits should be “off the rack” types. Thong suits are not allowed. Competitors must wear high heels in the swimwear round and athletic shoes in the fitness routine. Jewelry may be worn (think tasteful).
You should bring a second suit in case there are questions about a suit style or some other mishap occurs, whether for bodybuilding, physique, fitness, figure, or bikini. Emphasis is on “tasteful”. There are also a variety of different products to temporarily glue your suit to your body. Please bring Bikini Bite or other temporary glue with you to ensure your suit fits well.


How do I purchase my NPC card?
You can order online by going to the Entry Info tab and clicking the NPC Card link on the left. If you send in your application for you NPC card remember to make a copy of your application & your payment. You can also purchase one in person before the athletes meeting Friday, September 14th starting at 6:00pm. NPC cards are $100.00 and the NPC only accepts CASH at the weight in.

How do I get my height card & if I got one last year do I need another one?
If you got a height card previously bring that along with your new 2012 NPC card. That will save you time and you will not need to redo it. If you do not have your height card you will need to be measured by the NPC officials and will be issued on Friday September 14th at the Athletes meeting. Keep this card it can be used at any NPC show in the future for competition year 2012.

Will I be able to bring food or drinks into the show venue?
The Carver Center does not allow food or drinks to be brought into the theater.

Can I bring my trainer backstage?
Trainers are only allowed backstage with an NPC membership card and backstage pass, which can be purchased for $150 at the athletes meeting.  Anyone purchasing a backstage pass must have an NPC card and a ticket to enter the show.

Are children’s tickets free/discounted?
Our general rule is, if they will sit in your lap you do not need to purchase a ticket for that child. You will receive a special wristband for the child designating this.

Are personal cameras allowed at the show?
Cameras are allowed.  No professional video cameras unless approved by Tony Douglas

Can I bring my own spray tanning equipment?
NO spray tanning will be allowed on the venue grounds inside or out. TeamTxMuscle will be on site for touch ups. Oilers will be provided for your convenience.

Can I schedule tanning appointments during the Athletes meeting?
Yes. It is best to schedule the appointments for tanning, at your earliest convenience.

How do I get a Press Pass?
All Press Passes are approved by Tony Douglas in advance. NO passes will be given out at the door,  all members of the press staff must have a badge & be pre-approved. Please email for requests.

What are the poses that I will be judged on?
Bodybuilding mandatory poses: Front Double Bicep, Front Lat Spread, Side Chest and Bicep (either side), Side Tricep (either side), Back Double Bicep, Back Lat Spread, Front Abs and Leg, Most Muscular (men), and Favorite Pose (women). Display of the “moon” hamstring pose at any time will result in disqualification

Men’s physique: Quarter turns at center stage with optional pose of hand on hip or in pocket.  No lewd acts are permitted and will result in disqualification
The fitness swimsuit round and figure: Model and quarter turns at center stage. For fitness routine there are four mandatory moves:  push-up (of any kind), straddle hold, side split, and high kick. The fitness routine will be performed and scored at the night show (finals) only.


Bikini: model walk to center stage, front stance with hand on hip, full turn to a back stance with hand on hip, and return to front stance.  The length of time will be ten seconds.  No lewd acts are permitted and will result in disqualification.

Can we bring food or alcohol back stage?
NO ALCOHOL is allowed on the premises. If you appear to have been drinking or are intoxicated, at the discretion of the NPC officials, you may be disqualified & asked to leave the venue. You may bring food & beverages backstage but please clean up after yourself & be respectful of others.

Will pump up equipment be available?
Yes. We will also have a variety of bands for you to use. Keep in mind there will many competitors so it is always a good idea to bring your own bands etc. Please make sure your name is clearly marked on your equipment.

If we sit in the bleachers can we go to the edge of the stage to take photographs?
No. No one is allowed in front of the first row of seats. Morning show-Prejudging is general seating & you may take photos from any seat. For the night show-Finals the floor seats are all reserved. You will not be allowed to stand or take photos in front of the reserved section (1st 10 rows).  At no time can any spectators or competitors be in the first row directly behind the judging table.


Can we bring noise makers, signs, banners etc to cheer on the competitors?
Absolutely! The competitors have worked had for this… make them feel appreciated!

What are the meetings that I have to be at as a competitor?
Athletes Meeting: Friday September 20th at the Holiday Inn Hotel Ballroom (check monitor & signage for room assignment) 6:00 pm if you need to purchase a NPC card (remember cash only) or if you need a height card.
7:00 pm for the NPC officials briefing, weight-in & suit/trunk check.
Athletes Check -In: Saturday, September, 15th , 8:00 the Harker Heights High School, fans enter at 8:30 show starts at 9:00 sharp
Athletes PM Arrival: Saturday, September, 20th , 8:00 Harker Heights High School, fans enter at 6:00 and show start at 6:30 sharp


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