NYPUM Summer 2014 and application.

One of the newest programs to the Killeen Armed Services YMCA is NYPUM (Nation Youth Project Using Minibikes).

With national support through American Honda Motor Co. and Robert F. Kennedy Children Action Corps

and local support through Killeen Power Sports

The program is open to youth aged 10-17 and below in application

NYPUM application

You may return the application to any of our ASYMCA locations or fax it to 254.680.9985 or email it to jmarshall@asymca.net.


Mission Statement

NYPUM (National Youth Project Using Minibikes) offers the youth of America an opportunity
to develop self-esteem, values for daily living, and a sense of belonging using the Honda
minibike as a motivational tool.

NYPUM is a national program for youth using Honda minibikes. The goal is to provide a

service that can integrate into any type of youth development environment in order to impact
youth in the following areas so that they can concentrate on positive personal development:
• Encourage regular school attendance
• Promote environmental awareness
• Foster community involvement
• Develop safe riding skills
• Divert youth from the juvenile justice system
• Develop responsible citizenship
Historical Summary

NYPUM was started in 1969 working with the National YMCA with an initial gift of 10,000
Honda minibikes. At its peak there were over 370 programs in operation throughout the United
States dedicated to benefiting thousands of youth from Boston to Los Angeles, from ghettos to
Native American reservations. The U.S. Department of Justice provided grants to the national
office of the YMCA from 1971 to 1992 to sustain this initiative.
Currently and since 1993, NYPUM exists as its own non-profit wholly supported by American
Honda Motor Co., Inc., and run by Robert F. Kennedy Children’s Action Corps of Boston, MA.
First and foremost, NYPUM is a recreational program designed to help children and youth by
using a Honda minibike as a metaphor for personal development and change. Through the use
of a “personal contract” youth are guided by NYPUM staff, agency staff and their parents to
target specific behaviors which are creating personal growth challenges at home, in society or
school. They discuss goals for appropriate behavior and work together to create a dynamic
contract that focuses on characteristics of positive behaviors.
Participation in NYPUM, and the opportunity to ride a minibike, is a direct outcome of
following NYPUM rules for safe riding and fulfilling the contract. Although the initial
incentive for the youth to participate in NYPUM is the minibike, membership in the group and
developing a positive relationship with caring adults soon become most important to the youth.



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