Sector San Juan, Puerto Rico

USCG Sector San Juan MWR 500 Carr 177 Ste. 161 Bayamon PR 00959

Phone Number: 1 (787)774-0298


Contact: Francisco Cruz

Contact Email:

The Armed Services YMCA partners closely with our Military Leaders to provide programs and services at military installations that need it most. Many of the Armed Services YMCA Department of Defense (DoD) Affiliates are located at military hospitals and provide emergency and much needed childcare for military families dealing with medical issues. We also offer youth enrichment programs like computer learning centers and youth sports. Partnering directly with our military DoD affiliates is a cost-effective, impactful way to run programs. Less overhead means we can impact as many military families as possible and help make their lives easier.

Sector San Juan is responsible for all Coast Guard missions in the Eastern Caribbean area. This includes enforcement of laws and regulations of the United States relative to national defense, smuggling/counter narcotics operations, fisheries management, marine transportation, marine safety, maritime security, protection of natural resources, and waterways management.

Sector San Juan includes the Captain of the Port and Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection zones comprised of both the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the Territory of the U.S. Virgin Islands and the adjacent waters. Sector San Juan is also designated a Rescue Sub-Center and is responsible for Search and Rescue Operations for the Eastern Caribbean Sea area east of and including the Dominican Republic and the Lesser Antilles islands chain.

Currently Sector San Juan has the largest Active Duty population on the island of Puerto Rico which is considered OCONUS. Active Patrolling Zone requires multiple cutters underway regularly, some for extended periods of time.


YOUTH AND TEEN PROGRAM : This program is dedicated to all USCG Sector SJ Active Duty Dependents between the ages of 1 to 18 and focuses on the needs of families. Activities range from museum visits to essay contests. Most of the activities offered by this program are educational in nature.

FAMILY SEASONAL EVENTS : This program aims at the Sector San Juan as a whole. Even though we are located outside the Continental US, the support of ASYMCA allows us to provide seasonal programming throughout the year to those away from home ,some on their first OCONUS tour.

SPORT EVENTS : This program seeks to promote healthy children, families and community by placing a priority on family involvement, healthy competition, the value of participation over winning, and team building.

MOVIE TICKET PROGRAM: This program is embedded within our other programming categories. Movie tickets are purchased in bulk and they serve as prizes for different events. This program aims at our Youth and Teen population and is inclusive of parents as often times movie tickets for parents are provided as part of the prize. This helps us motivate individual family activities.

Sector San Juan MWR Director: Mrs. Paige Kelly
Phone: 1 (787)774-0298

Sector San Juan MWR Deputy Director: Mr. Francisco Cruz
Phone: 1 (787)774-0298

Sector San Juan MWR Accountant: Mr. Luis Olmo
Phone: 1 (787)774-0298

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday: 7:00am to 4pm
Closed on Weekends, Federal Holidays

Greatest Need:
Our program’s greatest need is the continued support of the ASYMCA. It has a direct impact on the quality of life of our Active Duty members and their dependents by affording us the ability to provide programming which is tailored to their varied needs. Our OCONUS location requires the incorporation of multi-cultural activities as a means towards educating and enhancing the local experience for our members. ASYMCA support is needed to meet these goals. Whether it is the Easter Bunny coming to visit, our Annual Turkey Trot, or a pool party designed to foster community stability and release stress, all make a difference especially when Mom or Dad are underway fulfilling their sworn duty.

ASYMCA Stories:

“Two months ago my wife got underway on the cutter. Having three kids, 2 boys and a girl with no Mom around is no easy task. We do not speak Spanish so affordable recreational opportunities outside housing are just not there. There are lots of high end tourist places but they were not affordable for me and my family. My wife’s Officer in Charge told me to check out our local MWR Department to see if they could help. So I went to MWR and sure thing the opportunities that I was looking for were there. I learned about ASYMCA and the fact that they had been helping Coasties in Puerto Rico for over 10 years. KUDOS to MWR and ASYMCA for helping out a “single” Dad with three kids. All three want to do different things so now I have options I can afford. From our family– Thank you MWR and ASYMCA “


”We got tired of being in the Barracks and then “voila” MWR/ASYMCA has a trip to the rainforest”

“With ASYMCA support our housing area feels more like home”

“We never see the ASYMCA folks, but we know they are there. My daughter says next year she is winning that Turkey Trot and she will be the one under the ASYMCA Banner”