Travis AFB, CA

101 Bodin Circle, Travis AFB, CA 94535

Phone Number: (707) 424-2502


Contact: Mrs. Diana Danaher

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The Armed Services YMCA partners closely with our Military Leaders to provide programs and services at military installations that need it most. Many of the Armed Services YMCA Department of Defense (DoD) Affiliates are located at military hospitals and provide emergency and much needed childcare for military families dealing with medical issues. We also offer youth enrichment programs like computer learning centers and youth sports. Partnering directly with our military DoD affiliates is a cost-effective, impactful way to run programs. Less overhead means we can impact as many military families as possible and help make their lives easier.
Travis AFB is located in Fairfield, CA (Suisun City). The other closest city is Vacaville, California. Travis Air Force Base, the home of the 60th Air Mobility Wing. The 60th is the largest wing in the Air Mobility Command. Travis is the busiest Air Force Base regarding the handling of cargo and passengers in the US.

Travis Air Force Base is located one half hour from the city of San Francisco in Northern California.

Travis AFB is also known for the Grant Medical Center.

Teddy’s Watch Director: Mrs. Diana Danaher
Phone: 707-423-3378
Email: or

Teddy’s Watch Volunteer Coordinator: Lori Allison
Phone: 707-423-3376

Teddy’s Watch Volunteer Coordinator: Erica Allinger
Phone: 707-423-3376

Teddy’s Child Watch Service
David Grant Medical Center – 60th Medical Group-AMC
101 Bodin Circle
Travis AFB, CA 94535

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Thursday: 830am to 4pm
Friday: 830am to 2pm
Closed on Weekends, Federal Holidays, and Family Down Days

Teddy’s Child Watch Service
David Grant Medical Center – Travis AFB

In September 2005, the Armed Services YMCA provided the funding to open the Teddy’s Child Watch Service at David Grant Medical Center on Travis Air Force Base in California for the sole purpose of helping military families. This free military program allows parents/guardians to make a reservation to have their child/ren taken care of while they attend a medical or dental appointment in the hospital for themselves or other family members. Teddy’s provides military family support by relieving the stress of finding childcare and the cost of it, and at the same time allowing military members and military spouses to focus on the doctor appointment instead of their children running all over the place. Teddy’s provides parents/guardians with peace of mind knowing that their children are being well taken care of by staff and volunteers who undergo background checks and multiple trainings. Teddy’s is also a military volunteer program where military members and military spouses can give back to their fellow military families by taking care of and playing with the children. Teddy’s volunteers provide a safe environment for children and parents and they help foster new friendships and share fellow military family advice and stories. We know what a successful program Teddy’s is because since we opened, we have served over 2200 families and 3600 children. Teddy’s has facilitated military families to be able to attend over 2000 appointments each year with no childcare stress! Teddy’s staff and volunteers nurture the young children who come and allow the children to have fun and be carefree. Teddy’s helps to improve the health and well-being of the military members of Travis Air Force base by providing a children’s waiting room in the hospital so that military families can go to the doctor, focus on the appointment, and take care of themselves. Supporting military families is so important to Teddy’s because we are all in this military life together and we can comfort, strengthen, help, and encourage all at the same time and in the same place!

Teddy’s Child Watch Service
101 Bodin Circle
Travis AFB, CA 94535

There are Teddy’s programs on Air Force bases in South Carolina, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Teddy’s Child Watch is one of the best programs out there to support military families because it really considers what it is that these families need. We support their desire to take care of their family by getting and staying healthy. We recognize how difficult life in the military can be at times and support them. We encourage our families to take an active role in their well-being. Teddy’s is sensitive to the fact that while our program is widely used and immensely needed, military families do not use Teddy’s because they want to. Other Armed Services YMCA programs are great for bettering one’s self by their own choosing, such as Peep Drop at the base gym or Operation Hero, the after school program. Military families use our free service because they have to; all families need to go to the doctor and stay healthy. It is not a choice to go to the hospital, it is a necessity. Our staff is educated on good customer service and always being kind and supportive to our families because we have no idea what brought them to the hospital and what they might be going through.

Our program at Travis AFB is the only full-time Teddy’s available. We are open 35.5 hours per week. In 2012, we served 268 new families and 522 new children and had approximately 2090 appointments. We have requests all the time for early morning appointments or late afternoon and we would love to be able to offer extended hours to the military community. We are the benchmark program for all other start-up Teddy’s. They contact us and we provide them with the necessary information to get a Teddy’s started at their military installation. Our families who use us and then move away feel so sad to know that their new base will not have a Teddy’s. Our program is so easily accessible to families and so strongly needed. We want to make Teddy’s a nation-wide program so that all military families around the world can benefit by keeping their family healthy and knowing their kids are in good, safe hands.

We have been able to change and grow our program over the past couple of years. We have discovered new health necessities that we need to accommodate for. For instance, we used to only take reservations for doctor and dental appointments. We now know that the there are many classes that parents would like to take to better themselves, such as nutrition class, parenting class, pregnancy classes. We have changed our rules and regulations to accommodate these new parental desires and the response has been wonderful. We paired with the Women’s Health clinic to allow pregnant mom’s to drop off their children for a 2 hour pregnancy class twice a month. We also do the same for the nutrition and parenting classes. These are all things that allow these military families to improve their lives, their health, and their well-being. All of those things are why Teddy’s was started in the first place – to help and support families. Our families make their lives healthier by dropping their kids off at Teddy’s ad focusing on their health issues. Our families leave us feeling happy, secure, comforted, and encouraged.

An issue that all families face is illness within the family. An illness or disease, no matter how small or large, can affect a family’s outlook on life forever. This can be even harder on military families as they are often away from close family and friends. Teddy’s is a place of acceptance, service, support, and a protected environment for all. Military families can truly benefit from our free childcare service in tumultuous times.

Greatest Need:

Our program’s greatest need is more funding. While we love and appreciate all the great donations of toys, books, puzzles, DVD’s, rocking chairs, etc, Teddy’s is used immensely and is highly valued by the military families and by the hospital on Travis AFB that we would love to extend Teddy’s hours to match the hospital hours. We would need more funding to be able to pay our employees to run the program for longer hours.

Many parents tell us that their child begged to go to Teddy’s during their parent/siblings doctor appointment.

Many children do not want to leave Teddy’s when their parents come to pick them up.

Women’s Health/OB Clinic: “What y’all do is amazing for our military families. Our pregnant moms can really focus on their pregnancy and their doctors appointments because they know their child is having fun at Teddy’s. You really make our jobs as physicians a lot easier because we can focus on the needs of the patient.”

Mental Health Clinic: “We would not be able to help military families without Teddy’s. We have so many families struggling with depression, PTSD, sleep disorders, etc. Have you ever tried talking to an adult who is overwhelmed and under so much stress and at the same time their child is running around all over the place? Impossible. Our hospital is so lucky to have the Teddy’s programs for the military children to have a safe place to go.”

Volunteer: “I think this program is amazing. Why would anyone not want to volunteer at the program? It is one that truly helps military families and stops at nothing less. I am so happy to be a part of such a successful, happy, and growing program. I think Teddy’s is one of the best programs available for military families and they need to have Teddy’s on all military installations!”

Volunteer: “Deciding to become a volunteer here was an easy decision. I had been using the program for months, bringing in my kids on a weekly basis for my Physical Therapy appointments and also for other clinics. When I realized that the majority of people who care for my children were volunteers, I was sold. How amazing of these military spouses to volunteer their time to help other military families. I knew I needed to sign up to be a volunteer right away. It is extremely fulfilling as a volunteer position!”

Sara* had made a reservation for her daughter to be at Teddy’s while she went to a cardiology appointment. After her appointment, she called Teddy’s and was extremely upset and was talking very quickly. A staff member calmed her down and asked what she needed from Teddy’s. Sara’s cardiologist had given her some potentially frightening news and she now needed to go immediately to radiology and then to get blood work done. She was so apologetic and so flustered. The staff member assured her that her daughter could stay here and play and would be well-taken care of. Sara was reminded to focus on taking care of herself. Sara arrived back at Teddy’s to pick up her daughter and burst into tears. She and the staff member hugged and sat down and talked about Sara’s diagnosis. The staff member told a story of a friend with a similar condition and mentioned how what a great hospital David Grant Medical Center is. After talking things through with the staff member, Sara was smiling again and said “I don’t know that I would have done without Teddy’s… and after this diagnosis, I am even more grateful because I am going to have so many doctor appointments. Not only did you take care of my daughter, but you took care of me. Thank you!”
Teddy’s gave Sara renewed hope for the future in knowing that no only will her daughter be well taken care of, but so will she!

Another common military occurrence is that the military member is deployed. This situation is so difficult and puts a lot of pressure on military families. The military spouse is left behind to do double duty as a parent, as well as all the household duties falling on the spouse’s shoulders. The amazing thing about Teddy’s is that all the staff and volunteers understand exactly what the spouse is going through because they are military spouses as well! This provides a great opportunity for bonding and meeting new people, as well as Teddy’s main focus of caring for children while their parent goes to a doctor appointment.

Jessica* has 2 young boys and an older son in school and is pregnant with her third child. Her husband is currently deployed and she is doing it all on her own. Teddy’s staff and volunteers have gotten to know Jessica’s family very well as she brings the boys to Teddy’s when she has her OB and ultrasound appointments. She was elated when she found out about the program. When she came to Teddy’s for the first time she said, “Teddy’s has saved my life! I really do not know how I would be able to get through this pregnancy without this program!” One day Jessica came in for a routine ultrasound. The boys played happily at Teddy’s. Over an hour went by and Teddy’s received a call from Women’s Health. They told the staff that Jessica had been admitted to the hospital. They were running a bunch of tests and monitoring her closely because something just wasn’t right. They asked if the boys were able to stay longer. We of course said yes! After another hour or so, the boys were getting hungry. The Director created a form that one of the staff members took to the mother to sign saying that we could give her sons food and that someone else could pick them up. Teddy’s staff worked really hard at trying to get in touch with the father on his deployment. They had just moved here and they really didn’t know anyone yet. After a while of trying, we finally got in touch with an uncle about an hour away. He was able to drive up to pick up the boys, check in on the mother, and pick up the older son in school. We didn’t know what had gone on with the mother, but fortunately Labor & Delivery called us and told us that she would be delivering early and that the husband should be able to come home early from his deployment. We saw this family again about 4 weeks later when the new little baby had a well check-up. Jessica came in and immediately gave all the staff huge hugs and teared up while saying, “I know I’ve said this before, but you all truly helped to save my life again. What would I have done? Having the boys at the appointment with me would have been terrible and I would have gotten more stressed and possibly made things worse for the new baby! I can’t thank you all enough. And oh, by the way, it’s a girl!”
Teddy’s gave Jessica the ability to focus on her unborn child and to bring her into the world in a peaceful environment knowing that her other children were being cared for.