YMCA Affiliates

YMCA Affiliates are YMCAs that have partnered with the Armed Services YMCA to provide programming to military and their families in their community.

One popular program that the Armed Services YMCA offers junior enlisted families the chance to participate in family, youth, and teen camps year-round at their 33 branches and encourages healthy living as part of their core mission of making military life easier.  Armed Services Y camps and free programs to  provide much needed support to military families. One military mom shared after the Armed Services Y’s Operation Outdoors program, “My daughter was fortunate to experience that last week and the benefits of one day, let alone a week, are huge in her world right now. With all the challenges our kids face, this helped her tremendously with her coping skills and self esteem issues she’s currently having. She was provided with many tools and resources she can use now and in the future. “

 Partnering with the YMCA to provide programming  is a cost-effective, impactful way to run programs.  Less overhead means we can impact as many military families as possible and help make their lives easier.