Families of Guard | Reserve Personnel

Eligibility: Active Duty Title 10 Only (Title 32 personnel not authorized due to funding restrictions)

Families of Guard/Reserve personnel who are deployed for a minimum of 6 months.

Deploying Service member eligible for YMCA membership with family for three months pre and post deployment.

Families are eligible for the duration of the deployment, not to exceed 18 months (which includes Service member 3 months pre and post deployment). Please note: to receive the 3 months pre and post deployment, service member must have their orders and sign up three months in advance; if not, then the family is eligible during the duration of deployment.


Membership Renewal Requirement: 8 Individual Visits Per Month (either individual or family members).


A visit is defined as: Participant of the Military Outreach Initiative comes into the YMCA and scans his or her card for that day’s workout. That is 1 visit for that calendar day.  Multiple swipes by that participant or participant’s family members do not constitute multiple visits in 1 day. For attendance purposes all visits in 1 day are counted only once.

Example: Father comes in at 6 a.m. and scans his card for a workout session. Mother and three children come in at 1pm and each person scans their cards for a workout session) — This will not count as 5 visits for this day. It is counted as 1 visit for the calendar day. The DoD requires 8 calendar days of usage per membership per month in order to qualify for renewal consideration.

Renewal IS NOT based on 48 visits in 6 months — 8 Individual Calendar Days Per month is the Minimum



  • A copy of deployment orders and a military ID card must be presented when applying for YMCA membership.
  • Download the DoD Eligibility Form and take it to your local participating YMCA.

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The Armed Services Y provides free or low-cost youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility programs for junior enlisted military & their families to make military life easier.

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