Relocated Spouses of Deployed Active Duty Personnel

Relocated spouse category is included in the YMCA contract to support families/spouse who relocate away from an installation while the active duty Service member is deployed.  All of the following criteria must be met:

  • The Service member is on active duty
  • The Service member is DEPLOYED for a minimum of six months (on deployment orders, NOT unaccompanied orders, NOT geographic bachelors)
  • The spouse has relocated away from the military installation where the Service member is assigned (most often back home near family)

Eligibility: Title 10 Only (Title 32 personnel not authorized due to funding restrictions)

Membership Renewal Requirement: 8 Individual Visits Per Month (either individual or family members). A visit is defined as: Participant of the Military Outreach Initiative comes into the YMCA and scans his or her card for that day’s workout. That is 1 visit for that calendar day.  Multiple swipes by that participant or participant’s family members do not constitute multiple visits in 1 day. For attendance purposes all visits in 1 day are counted only once.

Example: Father comes in at 6 a.m. and scans his card for a workout session. Mother and three children come in at 1pm and each person scans their cards for a workout session) — This will not count as 5 visits for this day. It is counted as 1 visit for the calendar day. The DoD requires 8 calendar days of usage per membership per month in order to qualify for renewal consideration.

Renewal IS NOT based on 48 visits in 6 months — 8 Individual Calendar Days Per month is the Minimum Requirement for Renewal Consideration.

A copy of deployment orders and military ID card must be presented when applying for YMCA membership.

Download the DoD Eligibility Form and take it to your local participating YMCA.