Thrift Store


The Thrift Store sees countless customers on a daily basis, both new and regular. Many have commented that it is such a pleasure to be out there and hear the ASY staff take the time to learn the names of those they help. One day, a Marine stopped by to see the Thrift Store and look at the uniform items they have to offer. As it turns out, he had been stationed in Twentynine Palms for two years but because he never strayed far from his barracks, he had never known about all the Thrift Store had. He was checking into a new Unit, but was missing the blouse, some buttons, and a cover (hat) to his uniform. He had been to the store on base, but they didn’t have his size. He ended up buying a cover at the store but it didn’t fit right. When he arrived at the Thrift Store, he had begun to stress about being able to find a blouse before he needed to check in. Fortunately, the Thrift Store staff was able to help him find a blouse that fit, the extra buttons he needed, and a cover that fit him even better than the one he’d bought. He was so amazed with the staff and the store that he donated his brand new cover back to the Thrift Store instead returning it to get his money back. He thanked everyone for their support, supplies, and overall quality experience that he received. He made it a point to let the staff know that he would be telling his unit about what a great opportunity the ASY Thrift Store is for a new Marine or Sailor that is just getting started out.

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