2014 Healthy Kids Day

Children from the ASY’s Parent/Child Interactive Classes had a blast learning about Healthy choices and staying active at the ASY Twentynine Palms Branch’s 2014 Healthy Kids Day on Thursday, April 17, 2014. Forty five children and their parents participated in a day of fun in the sun, celebrating play and making healthy choices as a family every day.

The day started off with a  yoga warm-up before the group split and rotated through several stations, including a parachute, sack races, mini-golf, soccer, hula hoops, hop-scotch and relay races. After working up an appetite everyone came back together for some healthy snack options.

Each Spring the ASY’s Healthy Kids day offers families a chance to start fresh and build healthy habits for the whole family. As with any other day in the parent/child interactive classes, parents took part in the activities with their children. Playing together while children are young can develop into a life-long past-time for families, ensuring that moms, dads, and kids stay healthy and active for years to come.

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