2014 Operation Hero Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction

The Operation Hero after-school enrichment program participants held their annual Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction on Friday, May 16, 2014. The nearly 350 guests who attended this year’s event were treated to a fabulous dinner catered by Chef Scott Robertson, owner and Executive Chef of New Leaf Catering, and Chef Oscar Ayala, Executive Chef at Escena Lounge and Grill with the help of Board Member Mary Trimmins and their dedicated staff.

Each year the Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction is the culmination of Operation Hero’s efforts to instill a service ethic in the children who participate in the program. The children put their lessons to the test by acting as the waiters for the public and their families during the dinner. Before serving began many of the students were feverishly practicing what questions to ask;  Operation Hero student Nicolas Napoles said “I’m a little nervous,” but by the end of the night they were all professionals. One family who attended the dinner for the first time was surprised by the tableside service. Expecting a cafeteria style eating experience mom said “having the kids as our waiters is so cute! They’re doing a great job!” Board Member, Mary Trimmins, who assisted with serving the food echoed the mom’s enthusiasm saying “seeing those smiling faces coming up to place their order with such pride and when they got a tip – boy did we know it. And to the Young Marines who mentored these little ones – we are so proud of your service to our country and so proud to have you be a part of our team. Thank you for all you do for us. We were honored to be with you on this fun night.” Everyone who attended agreed the kids helped put on a really special night for their guests, but they and the ASY staff couldn’t have done it without the help of nearly 40 active duty and  Civilian volunteers. Volunteers helped the kids serve food and take orders, as well as supervising the silent auction, setting up and cleaning up after. Things heated up after dinner with guests competing for bids on more than 120 donated auction prizes and gifts from our generous donors. One young bidder was especially pleased with her purchase. She told the ASY that she saved her money all year before attending the Spaghetti Dinner with her big sister who is an Operation Hero student. Her hard work paid off when she took home a beautiful necklace! She said “I am so exited I got the necklace and I’m helping other kids at the same time!” All proceeds from the event will go to support next year’s Operation Hero program.

The ASY is deeply indebted to the following donors for their generosity in contributing to this year’s Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction:

29 Palms Inn ● A Fox Salon ● A New Creation Florist ● Action Jumpers ● Angels Baseball Club ● Applebee’s ● Ben & Jerry’s ● Best Western ● Bev McLaughlin ● Bistro 29 ● Buffalo Wild Wings ● Burgers and Beer ● Car Quest ● Carrows ● Cheesecake Factory ● Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert ● Chipotle ● Commissary ● Del Taco ● Denny’s  Domino’s ● Elektric Beach Tanning ● Escena Gold Club Palm Springs ● Extreme Pita ● Flower Garden ● Hair and Makeup by Kayla ● Holiday Inn Express ● Home Depot ● Jack McLaughlin ● Jamba Juice ● Janet L. Parsons ● Jiffy Lube ● JT Automotive ● Las Palmas ● Los Angeles Lakers ● Lincoln Military Housing ● Lowe’s ● Lumpy’s ● Molly Allred ● Nail World ● Naturalives Day Spa ● New Leaf Catering ● Norge ● The Old Spaghetti Factory ● Pacific Marine Credit Union ● Palm Kabob House ● PF Chang’s ● Pie for the People ● Quizno’s ● Red Lobster ● Roughley Manor Sam’s Club ● San Diego Chargers ● San Diego Zoo Global ● Spradlee ● Starbucks ● Taco Bell ● The Color Bar ● The Oakland Raiders ●The Living Desert ● Trader Joe’s ● Venetian Nail Spa ● Wal-mart

The ASY would also like to thank Board Members Mary Trimmins, Jim Todd, Molly Allred, Rick Stelk and Wayne Stamm for their attendance and support of the event! We could not have done it without any of you!

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