April is the Month of the Military Child!

Every year, April is designated as “Month of the military Child.” During this month, military children are recognized for their important role in the military community and honored for their contribution. The Armed Services YMCA, Twentynine Palms Branch uses this month to highlight the sacrifices of our military children and emphasize that they serve with their parents.

The Armed Services YMCA’s Operation Hero after school program is designed to help school-age military children deal with the challenges associated with living in a military family. Children from the program talked with us about their lives as sons and daughters of Marines and Sailors, and what being part of a military family means for them. Their answers revealed the challenges and the joys of military life. For children who are eight, nine and ten years old they are wise beyond their years, facing more challenges in their young lives than many people face in a lifetime. The challenges they have faced at a young age have enabled them to take on life’s difficulties both big and small with grace and humor.

The Stress of military life can be overwhelming. Having an absent parent because of deployment, or frequently moving and adjusting to new neighborhoods can be disruptive and frightening for children of our military service members. The Armed Services YMCA, Twentynine Palms Branch strivers to serve our military children of all ages throughout the year whether it be through confidence building programs like our after school enrichment program Operation Hero, our Parent/Child Interactive Classes, our Summer Camps, and Summer Fun Programs, or through programs like Operation Kid Comfort, which provide support and comfort to the children of deployed service members. In honor of military children in Twentynine Palms and across the globe, the ASYMCA encourages Americans to support military children and families in their communities by volunteering or donating to programs like these that help meet their needs.

Marissa has one young brother named Porfy. She said that over all she likes being from a military family. Her Dad is a sailor and she said that she likes being different from other kids. When she went to school in a civilian school she felt special knowing that her dad was in the Navy, but she said “see my dad leave is really hard.”
Jayden’s favorite thing to do is play video games, especially since he lives in the desert where it is too hot to do anything else a lot of the time. His favorite things about moving to the desert are getting to go to the pool all the time, and hearing the coyotes howling when Taps is played at the end of each day on Base. His dad is a Marine and has been deployed 3 times. Jayden said “last time when my dad came home I made him 3 signs!”
Briella has two sisters, 2 dogs and one pet rat named Mr. Whiskers. She moved to Twentynine Palms with her parents from Texas. She’s moved four times in her life, but so far Texas has been her favorite because of the tacos. Although she doesn’t really like moving she says that her dad tells her its good to meet new people.