ASY and Palm Springs Assistance League Christmas Baby Shower

In partnership with the Palm Springs Assistance League, the Armed Services YMCA, Twentynine Palms Branch was proud to have the chance to thank  new moms-to-be for their service and sacrifice as part of the military family at a Christmas Baby Shower. The Shower was held on December 2, 2013 at the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort and Spa in Indian Wells, CA. As one volunteer put it the ASY feels it is so important to be  ”moms” to these ladies when their friends and families are far away.

The Baby Shower has become a favorite event for both the ASY and the Assistance League. It gives new moms a chance to be honored individually for the important role they play in military life and gives these young women an opportunity to meet other women who are going through the same things as them.  During lunch each of the women was introduced to the guests individually, highlighting something unique about each one;  after lunch and some entertainment each woman was presented with a layette which included blankets, diapers, wipes, bathing supplies and more. Each of the participants was so surprised and grateful by the time and effort that the Assistance League put in to make the day truly special for them.

By the end of the afternoon almost everyone had made at least one new friend – phone numbers and emails were exchanged throughout the bus ride back to Twentynine Palms.  Helping to build these new friendships is one of the ASY’s favorite parts of the Baby Shower – helping new moms find support and community far away from home is so important, and the ASY is proud to be a part of these families’ next chapter!