ASY Twentynine Palms 2013 Summer Camp

The ASY just wrapped up another fabulous year at Summer Camp! This year we were blessed to be able to take 67 excited campers to spend 6 days and 6 nights at Camp Oakes in Big Bear, CA. Summer Camp is always a little extra special for the children of Twentynine Palms as they are able to get out of the desert and enjoy the mountain life for a week.

This year was yet again a positive experience for both our campers and chaperones and we always see such great maturity and growth from the children. As always, our goal at camp is to teach teamwork, discipline, and other important skills that we hope can remain life long lessons for all those involved.

Once again the kids banded together as cabin mates to look out for one another. They worked together to complete tasks and activities, as well as offered comfort to each other for those who felt the homesickness begin to creep in the first couple of days. This year we saw some truly wonderful camaraderie from countless campers as they worked together to form lasting friendships with each other.

Among the activities the children got to enjoy were; rock wall climbing, the observatory, fishing, archery, canoeing, rifle range, sling shots, teamwork and challenge courses, swimming, nature walks, and learning about wildlife. There were also several theme nights the children were able to participate with, as well as pool parties, and the always popular camp fire.

We ended the week with a dance on Friday night for all the kids to enjoy. The dance was the talk of the week amongst the cabins as they were so excited to be able to spend time having fun, not just with their fellow cabin mates, but with the entire camp.

The ASY would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Newman’s Own Foundation who made an incredibly generous contribution to ensure a camp for these kids. We would also like to thank American Friends of our Armed Forces, and YMCA Camp Oakes for helping to make 2013 such a great year. A special thank you to the volunteer chaperones from MCCES, VMU-3, MWSS-374, Headquarters Battalion, and 3rd LAR for helping the ASY make this camp experience a truly unique one for all the campers.