ASY’s 9/11 Fallen Hero American Flag Display

In remembrance of 9/11, the ASY set up their Fallen Hero Flag Display at Heritage Park next to the Main Exchange on September 11, 2013 from 10:00am-2:00pm. The memorial is meant to honor all the Marines and Sailors from Twentynine Palms who have fallen since 2003.

The ASY hosts the memorial on September 11th every year to also honor all those lost from New York, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania in 2001. Our Fallen Hero Flag Memorial takes on a very special meaning during this time because it helps to remind us of not only the lives that were lost, but also of the bravery and heroics that were made by every day citizens on such a tragic day.

Many Americans were faced with an unspeakable disaster, and ran towards it. They faced the danger and helped to save countless lives. These first responders fought for their fellow Americans in the only way they could; by finding and helping those in need. They put aside all fear and doubt to risk their safety with nothing more than the hope that maybe they could help another live.

The purpose of this memorial is to never forget all those brave men and women who were affected by 9/11, and all those souls who never made it home to their families. As we offer tribute to all that has been lost, may we as a nation always remember their sacrifices, and never forget the cost of freedom that has been paid on our behalf.

The ASY would like to thank everyone who stopped by to visit the memorial as well as the outstanding volunteer Marines from Wounded Warriors BN who helped set up, secure, and guard the Memorial throughout the day. We would also like to thank the VMU-3 and 3rd AAV D Co Marines who contributed as well.


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