Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteers are essential to the ASY’s ability to meet its Mission to make military life easier for the service members and military families of Twentynine Palms. In 2013 alone the ASY worked with more than 840 unique volunteers who contributed approximately 8,500 hours to our organization. These volunteers gave their time as Summer Camp Chaperones, as an extra pair hands sorting donations in the Thrift Store, and as Holiday Toy Program help. They do yard-work and file papers, attend special events and unload thousands of donations throughout the year. Many of them give up their lunch hours, weekends and evenings to give an hour or two of their time whenever they have it to be able to contribute to the ASY, its programs, and the families it serves.  We couldn’t do what we do without them. Each month we will highlight one of these outstanding volunteers here.

Jim Todd is on the ASY’s Board of Members as a Member at Large. He has been involved with the ASY for a little over a year. A veteran himself, Jim is also an active member of Joshua Tree VFW Post 7264.

What made you want to get involved at the ASY?

I took a tour of the ASY office with the Executive Director. Seeing all the great programs that were offered for the troops and their families really made me want to help out somehow.

What projects have you been involved in and how has your experience been so far?

I help with grants, picking up donations for the Thrift Store, and collecting and delivering donations for the Holiday Toy Program. I attend board meetings and community events and help with Soap Box Derby Sponsorships.  I also help with the Thank You for Your Service Program. Every week I drive down to the Food Bank in Indio, CA with another volunteer to pick up bread, produce, and non-perishables to give out to Service Members and their families on Thursdays. So far everything I’ve been involved with has been very gratifying.

What keeps you coming back?

Seeing the faces of the troops and dependents and their appreciation of all the programs makes it worth it. Also the dedication of the staff!

Board Member Jim Todd after his weekly trip to the Food Bank!