Free Ball Gown Giveaway

A young Military spouse and her husband stationed in Twentynine Palms were expecting their first child, and the pregnancy happened to fall around the time of the Marine Corps Ball. Although her husband would be attending the Ball, she was not going to because she didn’t have an appropriate dress that fit her. In anticipation of the new baby coming, they simply didn’t have the extra money for her to buy a new one either. The Military spouse had heard about the ASY Free Ball Gown Giveaway, so she came just to see what was there. Not only did she find a dress that fit her beautifully, but she also found one in her favorite color. She was so excited when she tried it on, that she ran out to the waiting area to show her husband because she couldn’t wait until they got home for him to see it. This Military spouse was so proud and very grateful for this simple thing that would allow her to attend the Ball with her husband.

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