Salute to Heroes

Every year, the ASY participates in the Salute to Heroes event that is hosted by the city of Indian Wells, CA for Active Duty Military members, veterans, police officers, and firefighters. Our participation includes arranging 50 Active Duty Marine and Sailor volunteers to display the 9/11 American flag. The ASY has countless volunteers stop by throughout the year to ask about what Salute to Heroes is and how they can get involved. Whenever they stop to talk to us about the Event we always curiously ask how their interest came about, or where they heard about it to see how word spreads. The answer is always the same; that they heard from someone who was there and participated about what an amazing thing it was. To be part of the group of volunteers that holds and displays such a special flag is something worth talking about and sharing with other Military volunteers.

Be Involved with Twentynine Palms, CA ASYMCA

The Armed Services Y provides free or low-cost youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility programs for junior enlisted military & their families to make military life easier.

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