At the Armed Services YMCA of Alaska, we believe that the strength of a family begins with the physical and mental well-being of parents. We support our military families by giving parents a sense of independence and the means to invest in their own health—making them stronger and more able to cultivate the overall well-being of their family.

Meet Jennifer, a military spouse and mother. Jennifer was originally from Florida, and unaccustomed to driving in winter conditions. In addition, Jennifer had three young children. Being new to Alaska, Jennifer didn’t have many friends yet, and it’s hard to ask someone to watch one kid, let alone three. And while the cost of childcare has skyrocketed, military pay has not. With a junior enlisted income, Jennifer couldn’t afford a sitter—even to go to the doctor.

With her husband deployed, and unwilling to risk the safety of her children to her lack of winter driving skills, Jennifer would have been trapped had it not been for the support system she found through the ASYMCA of Alaska.  She and her children took the Y on Wheels door-to-door shuttle from base housing to the commissary, recreational facilities, and the JBER hospital for her medical appointments.  While at the hospital, Jennifer was able to drop her three children off at Teddy’s Child Watch—allowing her to attend her appointments without worrying about her children.

Because of the ASYMCA of Alaska, Jennifer could focus on her health, maintain her independence, and take care of her family—all without compromising their safety to Alaska’s icy roads.

The ASYMCA of Alaska is aware of how important it is to be able to maintain a sense of independence. Each year, Y on Wheels provides nearly 20,000 rides that help service members, vets, and their families maintain their independence; and over 3,000 military parents are able to focus on their well-being through the use of Teddy’s Child Watch. Whether you are a single soldier catching the Y on Wheels Shuttle for the gym, or a mother of three making time for a medical check-up, the ASYMCA of Alaska is there to provide the resources you need to get you out of the house, and out in the world.


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