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May 8, 2020 9:57:34 AM

Five Easy Ways to Celebrate Mom (at home) this Mother's Day

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May 10, 2020 is Mother's Day; a time to celebrate Mom and let her know how much you appreciate her. With current stay-at-home orders in place and the world looking a little different than it usually does, you may be at a loss to plan something for her. Popular Mother's Day celebrations often include dining out for brunch or dinner, going to the movies, or enjoying time with friends. Since those aren't options this year, we've put together a list of quarantine approved Mother's Day gifts and activities that Mom will truly appreciate! So we're counting down five ways you can appreciate Mom without ever leaving the house.


1. Make Mom a special craft. We promise she'll want to keep this one forever. 

Moms really do appreciate all those things their kids create. Our Operation Little Learners crew put together this awesome activity that you can easily do at home with your kiddos. Trust us, she will treasure these little handprints. She will read and re-read their answers to 'My Mom always says' and 'My favorite thing to do with my Mom is...' and more. Check out the full post with directions and printables. Looking for a make-at-home-gift that older kids can put together? Check out this post on how to turn an old t-shirt into a super handy reusable bag (no sewing needed). We guarantee that Mom will LOVE it!


2. Create an experience to share with Mom. 

If your Mom is anything like the moms we know, she loves doing things with you, but she's usually the one planning things. She'd love it if you planned an experience with her. You could play a game, read a book, cook a meal or create something. Looking for an idea for older kids? Check out this post for some ideas on a really fun paint-night-at-home with Mom.


3. Make (and clean up after) Breakfast, Lunch and/or Dinner... or pick it up!

She'll love it. Especially the part where you clean up. Psssst... not feeling like tackling food prep with kiddos? Our friends at MyActiveChild Hampton Roads have put together this awesome list of restaurants offering pick-up meals and specials. Mom will love this too.

4. Show Mom how much you appreciate her with a grand gesture - a kid-sized grand gesture of course.

Looking for something BIG to show Mom how much she means to you? Make BIG art for Mom on the driveway or sidewalk. You could create a life-sized family portrait or the skyline of her favorite city. You could make her a HUGE banner using the inside of some leftover Christmas wrapping paper. You could use dry-erase markers and use the windows as your canvas to create amazing Mother's Day art. Use your imagination. Mom will love it.

5. Clean something.

It sounds simple, but, trust us - Mom will appreciate it. Especially if you pick something like cleaning out the fridge (and tackling that sticky stuff in the bottom of the veggie drawer). Or deep cleaning a bathroom. Or vacuuming the whole house (including under the couch). We all love a clean house... especially when we're spending 98% of our time inside of it.



Posted May 8, 2020


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