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Jul 14, 2017 3:34:17 PM

G6 Hospitality & Armed Services YMCA Unite to Renovate ASYMCA El Paso Lodge

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The Armed Services YMCA El Paso teamed up with G6 Hospitality in El Paso, TX on July 11th and 12th to renovate and prepare 52 rooms for the upcoming United States Army Sergeants Major Academy student’s long term stay. Class 68 will be utilizing the ASYMCA El Paso Lodge for 10 months while they complete their course of instruction.




The Armed Services YMCA El Paso operates a lodge for service members in El Paso, Texas. The hotel has 52 rooms and provides them to the military community for extended stays. The lodge allows service members to enjoy a comfortable and welcoming home away from home, while reducing the financial burden of expensive hotel costs for extended stays.

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G6 Hospitality is the parent company of the iconic brands Motel 6 and Studio 6. Melinda McDaniel, Human Resources Director for G6 Hospitality crossed paths with Joe Pritchard, ASYMCA El Paso Executive Director during a meeting with ASYMCA Executive Directors.  After realizing G6 Hospitality could assist ASYMCA El Paso with needed improvements, G6 contributed a $5,500 donation to help with the renovations. Motel 6 is currently celebrating their 55 years anniversary so the $5,500 donation was in honor of that celebration. In addition to the financial contribution, G6 Hospitality gave a wonderful gift of their time and talent to assist ASYMCA El Paso with renovations for their lodge.

Melinda McDaniel, G6Hospitality Human Resources Director said, “Due to Motel 6 celebrating its 55th anniversary this year, we encouraged all of our team members to give back 55 minutes of community service.”

July 11th was the first day of renovations at the ASYMCA El Paso Lodge. A special luncheon took place between the ASYMCA El Paso and G6 Hospitality staff. Keenya Younger, G6 Hospitality Director of Operations for New Mexico and El Paso presented a $5,500 check to the El Paso ASYMCA. Younger and Pritchard coordinated the renovation project for several months leading up to the event to develop a comprehensive plan to execute necessary work and coordinate G6 volunteers.

The G6 Hospitality team that assisted with renovations and preparations included 33 members from their team. G6 volunteers came from multiple states such as Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico to help with the work. The endeavor kicked off with a team development meeting which split up tasks based on matching projects with the experience of G6 Hospitality volunteers.

DSCN0602 (2)-191269-edited.jpgThe two day volunteer effort was a monumental event that included work from maintenance teams, house keepers, and general managers. Projects included pipe repairs, dry wall work, welding, painting, flooring, and complete cleaning and reset of 52 rooms for the incoming Army soldiers.

Lupe Shields, who has been on the ASYMA El Paso team for over 12 years believes the lodge looks the nicest it has ever been thanks to G6 Hospitality.

“G6 Hospitality made our place better than ever before. It was so exciting to see how enthusiastic they were to help,” said Shields.

In addition to the wonderful assistance renovating and preparing the Lodge, ASYMCA El Paso was just as thankful for the amazing teamwork G6 Hospitality members exhibited while assisting. Despite G6 volunteers coming from numerous states to help, they set an excellent example of working efficiently as a supportive team. In addition, numerous G6 Hospitality volunteers offered their time and assistance for any future projects the ASYMCA El Paso Lodge needs support with.

Joe Pritchard, Executive Director for ASYMCA El Paso was extremely grateful for the assistance from G6 Hospitality.

“We are honored and so very proud to have G6 Hospitality volunteers as our partners in an effort to give back to the military men and women and their families - without their efforts we would not be able to complete all of the tasks associated with maintenance and housekeeping.” He continued, “They bring great experience and knowledge of facility maintenance and customer service. From preventive maintenance to best business practices, G6 Hospitality is an excellent mentor and supporter for our lodge.”

Diana Bengson, ASYMCA El Paso Development Associate also appreciated the extra hands, ideas, and financial assistance from G6 Hospitality.DSCN0595-1-316865-edited.jpg

“The Armed Services YMCA team and Board of Management wants to extend our sincerest thank you to G6 Hospitality for helping restore the El Paso ASYMCA Lodge,” said Bengson. “We have a big operation managed by a small army and their helping hands are truly appreciated in this effort.”

Armed Services YMCA El Paso recognizes and applauds the wonderful support G6 Hospitality provided to their lodge, and in turn to the military community. Army soldiers and their families will be able to enjoy a relaxing and welcoming stay during their studies and service thanks to the help of the G6 Hospitality team.  


The mission of the Armed Services YMCA of El Paso is to enhance the lives of military members and their families in spirit, mind, and body through programs relevant to the unique challenges of military life. The ASYMCA of El Paso provides no- and low-cost programs to make military life easier for service members and their families stationed in the El Paso, Texas area. If you too would like to help military families and support the ASYMCA El Paso Lodge for the military community, please donate today. Your tax deductible donation to the ASYMCA, a top-rated non-profit, will make a significant impact on the lives of enlisted service members and their families. Please visit our website to learn more.