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Jun 19, 2019 4:13:28 PM

Get outdoors already!

We're experiencing longer days, warmer weather and lots of sunshine – all of which hopefully leads us to spend time outdoors. 

There are many benefits to getting outside. Studies show:

How do you get time outside? 

For adults, sometimes it doesn’t seem so easy to get outside. Take work or lunch breaks outside. Grab a co-worker for a quick walk around the block. What about holding a meeting outside? 

Other ideas: 

  • For the ultimate in outdoor living: Go camping! Kids, including military children, can have fun at day or residential camps. They can also try backyard camping. Spend a whole weekend camping. One place to look for sites: 
  • Find a park – a local one or a national one. The National Park Service offers a free annual pass for U.S. military.
  • Have meals outside on a deck or patio, or have a backyard picnic.
  • Garden! Involve the whole family in growing plants.  
  • Go for a walk around your own community. 
  • Find your local gardens, arboretums, parks, boardwalks and river walks. Some are free, some will have military discounts.
  • Try an outdoor scavenger hunt. Gaze out in the stars. Blow bubbles. 
  • Take crafts outdoors – who wants to do tye-dye inside? Take pictures and make a scrapbook – leave no trace.
  • Keep items close that can help outside play. A few ideas: sidewalk chalk; bubbles; hula hoops; and sports items.


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