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Jun 10, 2020 9:06:57 AM

H is for Heart (Stamp)


Our Little Learners love every single opportunity they get to paint or stamp something. This super simple craft lets them satisfy their desire to paint and stamp at the same time! Not to mention the fact that these stamped hearts are super adorable. They are a fantastic addition to any thank you note or teacher appreciation card. You can even stamp butcher paper or brown paper and create your own wrapping paper. There are so many fun things to do with these stamps... and the best part is that all you need is a toilet paper or paper towel roll, some paint and a little bit of tape. That's it!

Are you looking for ways to keep your Little Learner engaged and learning all summer long? Our online session begins on June 16 and continues through the summer. You can register for that session here. Until then, enjoy this fun heart stamp craft, and join our Facebook Group - Operation Little Learners - Hampton Roads.



First thing you'll want to do is gather your supplies. You may also want to go ahead and cover the table or surface you'll be working on as there is a bit of painting involved. We love reusing brown paper grocery bags as 'project mats' for containing messes. 



Toilet paper tube (or other cardboard roll)

Strong tape (like duct tape)

Washable Paint

Paper, card or card stock to stamp





STEP ONE: Cut your cardboard roll into an easily manageable length for little hands. We cut ours between 3" and 4" long. Then, press you finger into the top of the cardboard roll to create an indentation along the length of the roll. With the indentation in place, squeeze one end of the roll and secure with sturdy tape. The other end of the roll should look like a heart. Gently reshape if needed.

STEP TWO: Start stamping! Assist your kiddo in dipping the heart shaped end into the paint and decorating paper. Painted hearts on brown paper bags make fun gift wrap material ❤️



Posted June 10, 2020


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