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Make a Difference in the Lives of Military Kids

Our military children are resilient and brave, but we cannot forget the sacrifices that they too make in service to this country.  

Imagine moving to a new city, starting a new school and doing so amidst a global pandemic. Add in a parent deployed overseas or away from home training, and you now understand the reality so many military kids have faced over the last 18 months. 

During the 2020-2021 school year, researchers estimate that K-12 students fell significantly behind in both math and reading. Additionally, nearly all K-12 students have experienced some challenges to their mental health and well-being during the pandemic.  

These realities coupled with the stress of starting school at a new duty station, not being able to connect with peers in-person, and worrying about parents' health and well-being, both from COVID-19 and deployments mean military children need your support now more than ever. 


Right now, a military child is starting school with no friends. Their parent may be deployed overseas. Their anxiety is crippling. 

But a kind teacher reaches out to their parent and suggests they enroll them in the Armed Services YMCA’s Operation Hero program.  Addressing topics like deployments, relocations, feelings of isolation and more, Operation Hero provides mentorship, academic support, and most importantly, connections to other military kids – kids like them. 

Your support means military children across the country have access to this essential program at no-cost to their family.

Your gift provides hope and comfort for military children this school year.

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