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Oct 7, 2020 9:34:43 AM

Oct 7 child care updates for Fort Bragg

October 7, 2020 - Letter from Jack Clevesy, Executive Director of Armed Services YMCA Fort Bragg:

Good morning to all,

Although as of this past Friday, October 2 the State of NC moved from phase 2.5 to phase 3, The Armed Services YMCA Fort Bragg has still not been granted the go-ahead in reopening our child care program atFB_CC_2020_ValentinesHeart5 Highland Elementary School. 

On Monday October 5, the Harnett County School Board met to discuss the district school usage, outside of regular school activities by non-district entities. It was recommended at this meeting that usage should be limited to Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays by the district. 

Although, the news was not what we were hoping to hear, the door is not closed on child care being offered at Highland Elementary, and I am still optimistic that the program will re-open in 2020. 

While I cannot confirm a specific date and time regarding when the program will re-start, I can share that I am meeting with Highland Elementary School officials on Tuesday October 13 to discuss next steps in the process of re-opening the program. Following this meeting I will have more to share with you regarding dates and timeframes of when we can officially re-open the Armed Services YMCA Child Care Program. 

Sincerely and with much admiration, 

Jack Clevesy

Executive Director, Armed Services YMCA Fort Bragg