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Sep 6, 2019 8:44:00 AM

Operation Hero open at 9 Fort Bragg locations!

Operation Hero is designed to help children overcome the challenges of military life to become better citizens in society and at home. 

Operation Hero with Armed Services YMCA Fort Bragg begins September 23! This program is a FREE after-school program designed to help military youth overcome the unique challenges of military life.Dogtags

This fall the program will operate in the following schools/grades:

  • Bowley Elementary School (5th Grade)
  • Devers Elementary School (5th Grade)
  • Irwin Intermediate School (5th Grade) 
  • Gordon Elementary School (5th Grade)
  • Poole Elementary School (5th Grade)
  • Shughart Elementary School (5th Grade)
  • Stoney Point Elementary School (5th Grade) - ONLY 4 spots remain
  • John Griffin Middle School (6th Grade)
  • Highland Elementary School (4th and 5th Grade)

If you have a suggestion on schools were Operation Hero should host programming, please contact Subrena Guy at We look to have a minimum of 15 participants at each location. 

To register, please visit:

Click here for more info on Operation Hero