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Jan 3, 2020 6:30:00 AM

Operation Ride Home - The McAllister Family

January 3, 2019: From the Armed Services YMCA Fort Bragg -

"‘Twas the day before ChristmasMcAllister Family

And all though the house

Laundry and cleaning and packing begun

A soldier and his wife had an amazing plan

To surprise their boys with a Christmas gift

The traveling started with a special elf

Who merrily showed up at the house

To drive the family to the airport

Next came the waiting... With 3 young boys

This could have been a mess Instead I he time was filled with holiday cheer McAllister Family 1

A sandwich, cookies, and treats to go

Made kindly with Love From the volunteers at the USO

Our travels continued with 2 exciting flights

We met many angels who shared stories of their own lives

Stories of Georgia and Paris, France

And angels who helped let the youngest sit on her lap!

Yes! From coast to coast we flew!

In a small airport where the boys were tired

Our first gift arrived with a warm van and a smile

And although we live so very far away, and the boys knew nothing of our destination that day I kid you not as soon as they saw their first gift

These boys’ eyes opened wide as can be As Francis yelled, “It’s Uncle Jeffery!!”

Yes we still had some miles to go

Over the mountain and it started to snow!

We made it safely as the boys slept!

And the soldier began to get dressed.

Dressed in uniform on Christmas Eve Nearly ‘O dark hundred, he rang the bell

To wake up his parents and to give the greatest gift of all!

He surprised his mother with a hug and a kiss! The joy!

Oh the JOY! The happy tears! Next the grandchildren woke up to the sounds!

As they were carried in and one by one ran to their grandparents open arms and all!!!

Our story continues as we shared scriptures and prayers next to a Christmas Tree filled with love!

Christmas Day the house was bursting! With 9 grandchildren running around!! Bubbles, and Nerf guns, candy and toy cars

But the best of all was the Gift of FAMILY!! We will never ever forget the way we feel This Christmas Day! All the hugs and smiles and laughter and fun could never be erased! All because of love that began With a mother and her son!

With a heartfelt thanks to you all!! Love, The McAllister’s"