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May 8, 2020 7:54:46 AM

Paint Night at Home


Looking for a family-friendly fun activity to turn a regular evening into a fun experience? We've got you covered. Mrs. Tessa hosted a Paint Night at Home with her family and she's agreed to show us how she did it! If you don't have all the supplies you need at home (we'll provide some ideas for substitutions too), you can order online from Amazon or for pick-up at Michael's (and they're offering 20% off all orders from now until May 16, 2020).

Harry Potter Themed Family Paint Night 

Mrs. Tessa used this magical paint tutorial from Eevee Maria, but there are tons of ideas out there. If you're into cityscapes or landscapes - you can find a video to show you the way. After you find your video - you'll need to source your materials. Plan for about an hour or more of activity between setting up, following along (and taking time to pause) the video, and then cleaning up. 


For any paint night, you'll need some paint, brushes and some type of canvas to create on. As mentioned above, you can place orders for pick-up or you can use (Armed Services YMCA Hampton Roads) if you have some lead time. You can also substitute with things you can definitely find around the house. Don't have paintbrushes? Q-tips, cotton swabs and sponges all make good substitutes (not to mention fingers). Don't have acrylic or tempera paints? Do you have a set of kids' watercolors? Those work great too! Need something to paint on? The inside of cereal boxes or Amazon boxes makes a great paint surface. 

HR2020_paintblog7 HR2020_paintblog8


After you've decided on your video and gathered all of your supplies, you're ready to get started on the fun. Dining room tables covered with old tablecloths or bed sheets make the perfect place to host your Paint Night at Home. Paper plates make awesome (and easy to clean-up) palettes for your paint selection. Kids cups and mason jars filled half full of water are great for cleaning paint brushes. Having wet wipes and paper towels on hand is always a good idea.

Now that you've got all your supplies and your space in order, you can make or gather some yummy snacks and drinks. You're finally ready to press play and make your masterpiece!


This can be a fun family activity for kids of all ages. Mrs. Tessa and her teenage boys really enjoyed making these magical Harry Potter night skies paintings. Have you hosted a paint night at home? We'd love to see your paintings! Head on over to our Facebook page and post a photo of your creations. 

Posted May 8, 2020


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