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Jun 8, 2020 8:11:41 AM

R is for Robot


Our Operation Little Learners are always ready for a fun craft activity that lets them practice their fine motor skills and letter recognition. Who doesn't like robots? And projects that use recyclables that you can find around the house? The set-up on this craft is super easy and makes use of things you probably already have!

This R is for Robot craft goes right along with our OLL Class about the Letter R. In that class, we practice the letter R and count to nine. Are you looking for ways to keep your Little Learner engaged and learning all summer long? Online sessions are currently running. You can still register for that session here. Until then, enjoy this fun robot craft, and join our Facebook Group - Operation Little Learners - Hampton Roads.



First thing you'll want to do is gather your supplies. You may also want to go ahead and cover the table or surface you'll be working on as there is a bit of painting involved. We love reusing brown paper grocery bags as 'project mats' for containing messes. If painting is a little bit beyond your comfort zone - you can always decorate the toilet roll 'body' with markers, crayons, tape, or even stickers. Have fun with it!




Toilet paper tube (or paper towel/gift wrap tube) 

Kid-friendly Paint + paintbrush (or duct tape, markers, crayons, stickers)

Pony beads (optional - or other type of decoration, even Fruit Loops would work)

Construction Paper

Craft Glue

Googly eyes (optional) or construction paper to make eyes

Black marker 


STEP ONE: Decorate the toilet paper tube in your robot's colors with paint, duct tape or washi tape, crayons, or markers. If you don't have a toilet roll, you can definitely cut a paper towel roll or wrapping paper tube to use. If you are using paint, build in enough time to let the paint dry before you go on to the next step. 


STEP TWO: Cut a rectangle out of construction paper that fits on the front of the tube. Glue the construction paper onto the tube leaving enough room at the top to glue eyes and draw a mouth. After you have attached the rectangle to the tube, use craft glue to attach the pony beads onto the rectangle.

STEP THREE: Use glue to attach the googly eyes (or draw eyes). Draw the mouth.


STEP FOUR: Make the arms by cutting 1/4" wide strips of construction paper. Crimp the paper by folding it back and forth like an accordion. Glue the arms onto the side of the roll and you have yourself a robot!

If you like this craft, let us know. You can find us on Facebook @ASYMCAHR. If you'd like to have more of these crafts and activities delivered to you via email this summer, register for our online session of Operation Little Learners. This program is FREE to all active duty military dependents between the ages of 18 months and 5 years.


Updated October 8, 2020


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