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Jul 6, 2017 2:55:59 PM

Ready, Set, Go Get Muddy at Armed Services YMCA Hampton Roads!


The Armed Services YMCA Hampton Roads is looking forward to its upcoming Mud Run on August 12th. This events is great for individuals and families looking to participate, or to spectate! There is an 8k course for adults and a mini run for children. If that's not enough to convince you, maybe the inflatables and slurpee truck will!  Early registration is advised, so please sign up soon.



957e3e22710fba29b79c855fd454d74b.jpgASYMCA HAMPTON ROADS MUD RUN

The Armed Services YMCA Hampton Roads Mud Run takes place every year in August. Geico Military serves as the main event sponsor. Together, they put on a wonderful Mud Run. The location of the race is Joint Expeditionary Base–Little Creek, located in Virginia Beach, VA.

The Virginia Beach Mud Run can accommodate 2,100 adult runners and 400 Mini Mud runners ages 5-12 yrs old. The race continues to grow each year. The large number of participants make for an exciting and encouraging atmosphere.

The Mini Mud Run for kids varies between $30-$40 depending on when you sign up. The 8k race ranges from $50-$75 for individuals, $100-$150 for couples, and $250-$375 for teams. The sooner you register, the better the deal. Active Duty Military can use code MIL2017 for 20% off race registration.

A ton of great freebies are included as part of registration. A free 7-11 Slurpee truck will be on site in addition to free pizza and free beer! Awards and inflatables to play on are also included. What more could you want?! An after party breaks out following the race thanks to the on-site DJ. Finishers also have a blast jumping in the ocean to swim and clean off. 

Lindsay Maldonado, Armed Services YMCA of Hampton Roads Program Director says even beginner fitness levels would enjoy the event, “Some of our staff have run this race as first time beginners and loved every minute! You don’t have to be an expert to have some fun in the mud.”

The race is full of different elements such as sand, mud, and an obstacle course. These additional elements can be foreign to some, but well worth the plunge to participate. If you’re unsure about participating, she has another message, “Feeling uncertain about signing up is normal! However, what better place to push yourself and challenge those stomach butterflies than the same place that is home to some of our most elite US Navy personnel? Don’t hold back.. sign up and take the challenge!”

For more information regarding the event and to register, head over to this page. 


The Armed Services YMCA supports military service members and their families in a variety of ways. We’re proud our local branches provide fun activities for junior enlisted service members and their loved ones. We also love connecting our junior enlisted military with an amazing community. If you or someone you know is looking to meet new people, make new friends, and have a great time -consider checking out the Hampton Roads Mud Run! To learn about other great programs and services we provide, check out our website.