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May 8, 2020 7:53:55 AM

Turn a T-shirt into a Reusable Tote


Looking for a fun, no-sew craft activity that's both super useful and makes use of things you already have around this house? We've got you covered. Mrs. Tessa and her boys are going to show us how they turned some old t-shirts into really handy fabric bags. Who couldn't use more storage bags? The materials for this craft are super simple and definitely easy to find around the house!


  • Old t-shirts
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Optional - permanent markers or fabric markers/paint


STEP ONE: If you want your knots to be hidden (for a flat bottom bag) - turn your shirt inside out and then cut off the sleeves, cut around the neck, and cut off the bottom seam of the t-shirt (as shown below). If you'd like to have a decorative fringe - leave your shirt right side out and cut around neck, sleeves and bottom seam.


STEP TWO: Cut strips that are approximately 1" wide and 3-5" long (depending on the size and length of your shirt). Cut shorter strips if you'll be hiding them inside your bag and longer strips if you'd like the decorative fringe. These strips don't have to be exact, but you want them to be roughly the same size. 


STEP THREE: Start tying the strips together. Double knot the front and back strips to create the bottom of your bag. Secure the knots firmly and pull ends to stretch (for decorative fringe). 


STEP FOUR: After you've finished tying the bottom of your bag together, you can turn it right side out if you're hiding the fringe or leave it as is for the decorative fringe.

HR2020_tshirtblog3      HR2020_tshirtblog5

STEP FIVE: This step is totally optional, but you can decorate your bag if you'd like to give it some extra flair! Permanent markers, fabric markers or fabric paint all work well here. You could even embroider or bedazzle it if you were feeling extra crafty.

And there you have it - an awesome, reusable tote!


Posted May 8, 2020


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