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While military families are amazingly resilient, they face many unique challenges and stressful life changes. When one person enlists, the whole family serves.

It takes tremendous courage to reach out to a clinical counseling professional when you need support. Seeking help from a mental wellness counselor makes you strong, not weak.


Take the First Step

If you are currently facing an immediate medical crisis or emergency, please contact 911. 

The Armed Services YMCA San Diego works alongside KMG Psychiatry to facilitate enhanced counseling services for military families.

KMG Psychiatry is an integrative psychiatry practice that delivers high-quality, comprehensive care to the communities of San Diego and National City, California. Led by renowned board-certified psychiatrist Ankur Bindal, MD, MPH, FAPA, FAASM, KMG Psychiatry is proud to provide service to military personnel in the San Diego community, and aims to serve them through therapy, medication management, and TMS services. 

KMG Psychiatry is a third-party service provider, and not affiliated with Armed Services YMCA San Diego. We therefore assume no legal liability for the services they furnish. Any decision to use KMG Psychiatry is your own independent decision, which should be based on your own due diligence inquiries and observations.

If you need to access past medical records, please click here.

For additional counseling and support resources, click here.


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